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>> the storm turned things around. it flipped our weather. no more warm temperatures. the next few days the pattern doesn't change. we get these northwest winds coming in. it keeps things rather chilly. and chilly enough that up in the higher elevations of pennsylvania and western new york state, they're getting these lake effect snows. it's not the kind of stuff that buffalo gets in january, but nonetheless, little snow shower activity. little warmer in cleveland, where they're getting a couple rain showers. it's all involved with the circulation around what is left of sandy. yes, it's still there in canada. we'll talk about our forecast and where all this takes us over the next few days in just a few minutes. our big story comes out of baltimore city, where police are investigating the sexual assault of a female jogger. >> police say her attacker held her at knife point early friday morning at fells point. here's george lettuce with the latest on that investigation.
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>> fells point promenade offers excellent views of baltimore's water front, so it's no surprise it's become a popular spot to go jogging. but sharon clark said she's encountered some scary spots along the way. >> it was very dark. i did feel a bit unsafe over there. i just kind of did it very quickly and came back into the more lit areas. >> in the early morning darkness of friday, police say a woman in her 20s went for a run here by herself before work. at some point between 5 and 7 a.m., man wearing a mask and armed with a knife grabbed her, pulled her into a dark area and sexually assaulted her. >> it's really like horrible. i don't know what to say. >> i'm not gonna walk around with my dog now. it's really dark. >> police do not have a solid description of the alleged attacker and would not confirm the exact location of the attack. we found detectives and police tape at a dimly lit area next to
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the waterfront kitchen restaurant near caroline and thames streets. >> the good news is there's a lot of surveillance video in that area. lot of businesses, lot of residences that have surveillance. detectives have a lot of footage they can comb through to capture the incident. >> police are urging joggers, especially those who choose to do so in darkness, to find a jogging buddy. >> i know there are running groups in baltimore. yeah. i would like to join one of those. >> because of this case, police have promised to increase patrols in and around this area. in fells point, wbal tv 11 news. >> police in wisconsin are questioning a city of baltimore graduate after an incident at the same semple where six people were killed this summer. joel core bit seen visiting there. he told police he want to pray for them after the august massacre they found several
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boxes of the ammunition and empty ungays and note booning inside his backpack. they also discovered writings about the colorado movie shooting spree, as well as crime scene tape from the site in his notebook. now to the mavrt of sandy. authorities say a fourth person in maryland as died as a result of sandy. this latest storm related death happened in oakland. police say an elderly man died while shoveling snow in a region buried under two feet of snow. state high wade min straights deployed crews to western maryland to help with the cleanup, clearing snow and removing downed trees. deciding it is time to stand and help instead of run, organizers cancelled this weekend's new york city marathon. this is to clean up and recover. jay gray has the latest from atlantic city. >> four days later and still,
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furious sandy is too much for some to bear. >> i don't believe this. >> floodwaters carried a boat into esther's home, downed power lines and debris litter her yard. >> we need help here. we truly do. we need someone to come and tell us which way to go. >> many simply aren't going anywhere. >> chaos. traffic has been two miles long. >> lines for fuel and traffic or just to charge a phone for many have been yoef well manage. in some cases pushing patience and emotions over the edge. >> where do you think you're going? >> but the difficulties like the destruction stretch for miles along the atlantic coast. >> we have no heat, no power. >> hope is quickly fading as well. >> we have bodies being removed up the block. we are devastated here. >> devastation that, after days of controversy, ultimately forced organizers to cancel this weekend's new york city marathon. >> the race had become a distraction. it had become a distraction for people who were working and
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trying to help people. >> help is beginning to show up by the truckload here. the basic necessities like water, food and warm clothes. ♪ >> tonight an all star lineup of entertainers with bruce in the strike zone gathered in coming together, a benefit for storm victims organized by nbc. ♪ >> while along the boardwalk, atlantic city hotels and casinos reopened. >> i really wanted to come and get away. >> a short break during what odds are will be a long and difficult recovery. jay gray, wbal tv 11 news. >> it is the final weekend of the presidential race and both campaigns will blitz battleground states. president obama and challenger mitt romney are competing for votes. they spent part of their schedules in the battleground
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state of ohio. both are hoping 11th hour stops will change sway votes which could make or break a bid for the white house. it takes 270 electoral votes to win it all. experts suggest that both candidates are trying to increase their chances of winning on tuesday. >> if the president wins florida, the election is over. ohio, in many respects, is the pivotal state. can romney find path towards the presidency without ohio? i would say that, with wisconsin in play, and that being the home state advantage for ryan, that wisconsin gives an alternative. >> and so both campaigns are expected to crisscross each other this weekend and other swing states like new hampshire, iowa and virginia. maryland voters turned out in record numbers on the final day of early voting. 90,000 voters cast their ballots. the numbers have been huge, eve within the disruption of hurricane sandy. here's that story.
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>> samantha burrell wasn't expecting to be met with cheers at her voting location on friday, but that's exactly what she got. she's the proud first time voter and an early voter. >> to be a first time voter is such an extraordinary chance that most people don't get to take, so i was just so happy to make history today. >> samantha was one of 415,000 marylanders who took advantage of the five days of early voting. as of 8:00, an hour before the polls closed, an estimated 92,000 had voted just on friday alone. convenience and time management were the most popular reasons given at this polling place on northern parkway in northwest baltimore. >> i thought i wouldn't have time on tuesday, okay? i worked from like 7 in the morning until 5, 6 at night. i figured i might not make it at 7 in the morning. >> i just felt that it would be easier for me because i am disabled, and not have to be in
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the long long lines that i have seen. i don't want to be doing that on the last day of voting. >> the wait here was about 45 minutes. relatively short compared to other locations, where lines snaked around buildings and early voters waited for three hours or longer. >> these are great numbers. you know, and i think the storm had something to do with the first few days. then once it was known that the storm was coming, a lot of voters came out early, so we really had lines at that point. this is a good election and people are coming out. >> early voting was supposed to be six days but because of sandy, we ended up with five. the presidential race and a lot of ballot questions have undoubtedly played a role in the turnout. >> today i just highlighted the things that i wanted to vote for, whether i was for or against, so that i would just go in and do it quickly and get out. >> ky reed, reporting for wbal tv 11 news. >> this election, you can stay more connected than ever before
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with our new election 2012 app. check out our voters guide and preview the ballot questions. just search and download election 2012 on your smart phone or tablet. time 9:09, 44 degrees. still ahead, kim hammond joining us to answer your pet questions. and students help out the local food bank. we'll tell you how sandy almost snarled their plans. speaking of sandy, storm's still spinning out there. we're kind of still on the edge, but the weather's better. our instant weather plus forecast is just ahead.
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precipitation pattern this morning, as sparce as it is, is
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off to our northwest. and it's showing some of those little snow flurries and showers in pennsylvania and new york state. couple of sprinkles and rain showers around cleveland in the northeast corner of ohio, riding around in the flow, the northwest flow, which is on the outskirts of what's left of sandy. little bit of jet stream coming out central canada is involved, too. that's why we're chillier. some of that moisture is still in there. we've seen a fair share of cloudiness. we still have some today but it's a thinner deck. we'll probably see more sun breaks than we've seen. although with the chilly air not sure we'll feel much warmth. 44 at the airport. inner harbor 47. humidity is up there a bit. there's still moisture in the air. 31 barometer rising. west wind at eight miles an hour. typical high this time of year should be a few degrees warmer than we've seen. we're trying to climb. morning low has been typical for
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this season. annapolis 45, edgewood 45, parkton's gotten down to 39 degrees this morning and it's in the 20s oakland. they've got all that snow ton ground. that helps refridge rate things a little bit. some of what we're seeing out here might be a little bit of the snow cover on the ground, but we still have some clouds kind of a thin deck especially over the eastern shore this morning. you can kind of see a little pattern, a little arc to this. there's what's left of sandy sitting up there, moving into newfoundland or just west of there in canada. still spinning around. that's helping drag some of the cold air down. moisture across the great lakes. we also have high pressure out farther west, the jet stream kind of channelling this colder air our way. what we're watching with great interest is the development of storms in the central part of the u.s. first one developing in
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missouri, arkansas. should stay to our south and go out to sea. it's the second one that could be interesting. today, few scattered clouds, a little more sun. 50 to 55 the high. those winds, breezy. northwest 10 to 15, gusting to 20 miles an hour. don't forget standard time kicks in tomorrow, so set your clock back one hour. get an extra hour of sleep. don't show up early for anything, all right? be on time. here's our european model. this is the one that nailed sandy's course. first storm kind of goes out to see. second storm starts to develop off hatteras or in that general vicinity and by the middle of the week is off shore. several miles pick this up. it takes it right up towards new england. these tight bars indicate a lot of wind. further west there might be some snow in the mountains. middle of the week is threatened here by a storm.
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strength and how close, all of that still to be decided. it's something to watch. temperatures all week long are going to be in the 50s. storm's going through 40s to near 50s. don't forget to vote on tuesday, the weather should be just fine for that. the school closures this week because of the hurricane, public schools are extending their food drive, hoping the kids helping kids campaign will bring in even more donations. >> one school used a purple friday twist to really up their ante. >> instant lunch. >> seventh graders check out some of the food collected for this year's kids helping kids harvest for the hungry campaign. >> hamburger helper, stuff like that, and canned foods. >> some people just like don't really have money right now to buy food and all. and when they still have to buy clothes. so we've been bringing in food. >> in the last four years, the public schools raised nearly 3 million pounds of food for the local food bank.
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lindale bringing in the second highest total last year. to motivate students this year, there's a contest pitting ravens fans against steelers fans to see who can fill and refill the most carts. >> how can we get the kids out and more involved than they were in the past? so we decided to do, let the food decide who was the better team. >> the school has been very successful with their stuff a truck campaign in january, where the teachers sleep outside until the truck is filled. but this little steelers/ravens rivalry has really upped the ante. >> so far it's been a great rivalry. gotta say though little more support on the ravens side. >> we've filled this basket up a couple of times, as compared to our other basket. >> it certainly has led to some good natured competition among the kids. >> i want people to know the steelers are better. >> we're still winning. >> despite the ravens running over the steelers, the students are also serious about their mission, which was brought into
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focus by hurricane sandy's devastation up north and because school was cut short, kids helping kids will go an extra week. >> don't think about the teams. think about the people the food is going to. >> you can find a list of donation areas on our website wbal. 6r7b8g9s and next who made the list of top docks. and den zell washington is back on the big screen. we'll have a preview next. and dr. kim hammond is here with a dog that looks like a cookie. you can e-mail your pet questions to pet questions at wbal stay with us.
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welcome back, everyone. you are looking at baltimore magazine's top doctors issue. and ken igelhart is here to tell us more about that. >> thanks for having me on the show. >> this is a go-to for many people especially as we are about to enter that time of year when we have to -- >> get the flu. >> change medical plans and choose doctors and things like that. how did you all come up with this? >> this year we did it a little bit differently. in past years we surveyed 6,000, 7,000 doctors by u.s. mail. there's about 11,000 in the greater baltimore area. we also entered an on line survey so we ended up with far better participation. we used to poll 7,000. this year we had closer to 10,000 that we polled. so we got great participation.
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the doctors don't seem to get tired of it. this local poll is much more important to them than the national ones because their patients see it and they say, hey, doctor, why aren't you in here? >> you're asking the doctor to evaluate themselves? >> we're asking all these doctors who they would send a member of their family to in six specialties of something. and so you don't want journalists picking your doctor, trust me. this is all doctors picking doctors. there were five physician advisers that were looking over our shoulder to make sure we followed our own protocol. >> interesting. let's talk about some of the doctors that you profiled in the magazine. >> in addition to the list, we went out to find some interesting stories of why physicians became physicians and not fire men or police men. and we got dozens of submissions, but we chose five of them. we all did a feature on dr. michael ane who has a fascinating story. he's a dwarf.
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he's 4' 3". he applied to something like 60 medical schools and was turned down because they didn't think he could be a surgeon. he was turned down by nine hospitals to get a medical surgical residency. and ultimately he overcame that and he got his degree. now he's a world famous surgeon at hopkins that helps treat children with spine and leg problems that are related to dwarfism. he's a really frank guy and straight forward, like a no bs guy when you talk to him. >> wow. that's an interesting story. dr. baretto, he's been here many times. he's a woman's doctor. >> he grew up in a tiny mountain village in peru. they had farm out there. besides chasing off the panthers that were attacking the flock, the flock, with his single shot powder rifle, his other job was to butcher the animals for the family 'cause none of his other brothers and sisters would do that. so we was a butcher.
9:23 am
his father taught him, these are the lungs, this is the heart, the blood goes this way and that way. by the time he was ready to choose a career, he already knew everything about anatomy just from butchering up goats and cattle for the family. >> wow. okay. last one is -- >> dr. nederhaus. >> she grew up in germany. she got an infection at age 7 that caused kidney failure. and she had to have a transplant of a tiny kidney from a baby donor at age 10. and went through months and years of being in hospitals and going through rejection episodes and so forth. spent so much time in a hospital listening to the doctors. she decided she wanted to do that. she believes she's the only physician in the u.s. that had a transplant before becoming a
9:24 am
doctor. and so now she's a top transplant surgeon for kidneys and livers at university of maryland. >> wow. very interesting issue. very timely that it's coming out right now. >> to give you an example how important it is to doctors. i got a call from an office manager and said my boss came in today. he's holding the magazine. he has an angry look on his face. he's flipping through it. he slams it down on her desk and no good mornings and says, i'm not in it. find out why. >> why wasn't he in it? >> he wa nnt it because his peers didn't vote for him. >> all right. thank you so much for coming in. don't go away. kim hammond answers your pet questions so, maybe you're trying to figure out question seven. well, let me give it a shot.
9:25 am
if you're ok with marylanders spending five hundred and... fifty million a year gaming in other states, fair enough. but if you think we should keep that money here... add twelve thousand jobs, and generate millions for schools... well you should probably vote for question seven. because if it doesn't pass, all of this goes away. that's why the post called seven, common sense. but decide for yourself.
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welcome back. joining us now to answer your pet questions, dr. kim hammond. our special guest is chloe. >> she's a beautiful cocker spaniel. look how regal this dog is. she's shaking a little bit because her owner is behind the camera. she's afraid she's gonna leave her. she's not gonna leave her. everything is fine, chloe. >> let's talk about poodles, all right. >> poodle mix. i think we had this before. has brown stains from his tears. i have tried several products. how can i clean the tear stains? >> this is a really good question. actually chloe has black, you can't see. if you have a dog that has white hair, you'll sea tears. chloe has the same tears. >> is this about every dog? seems poodles have a lot. >> the tears come over the edge
9:28 am
of the lid and they oxidize and they turn brown. it's a stain. it's very difficult to get rid of. if you have a white dog, there's really nothing specific that works. if you're not johnny ton spot every single day wiping the eyes once, twice a day and maybe just cutting that hair close. it's a tear stain. the question is, if it's really if there's a lot of staining, why do you have so many tears? that's something you may want to talk to your veterinarian about. maybe you have a blocked tear duct. >> trying to correct it, so to speak, could be dangerous because you're near the eye. >> your vet can help you, groomers can help you. bottom line, get to the cause of the stain and try to clean them up instantly. and live with it, if it's not a big deal. just color. >> all right. i'm going away for thanksgiving. should i board my dog or get a siter? >> i'm a real fan of boarding.
9:29 am
some pet sitters are fantastic, some are a disaster. every year thank ps giving we hear about dogs running away when a pet sitter opens the door and the dog runs. if you're going to have a pet sitter make sure you have a microchip, photograph of your dog. have that emergency, if my dog runs away kit. i like boarding. >> same line, i have a dog, boarding reservation for thanksgiving. they require vaccines. are they requireed? >> they are definitely required. there's a lot of disease out there that's completely preventible. your distemper spot, rabies shots, lepto, get them all, get them all. easier to prevent than treat. >> we'll be getting a lot of kennel cough questions. it >>'s out there. and dog flu. >> thank for joining us this morning. >> you, too, chloe. we'll be back with more coming up.
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welcome back. thanks for joining us. first let's take a look outside with john. it has turned -- the weather has turned. >> the same weather feature that brought sandy on shore, brought the storm west, kind of an unusual move for a storm, is all bringing us the cold air, all
9:32 am
right? the same jet stream alignment and everything else. it's still there. so we've been chilly the past few days. we've had lot of clouds. moisture kind of spinning around the outer edges of that hybridized sandy storm is still out there. and they're getting lake effect snows in new york state. the rate seems to be picking up and diving farther south now as daylight comes into the area. mostly sprinkles and little light showers around cleveland. indication though that a few snow flakes are moved in there. we'll be watching the radar. i don't think that's a threat for us. a new storm developing next week. we'll talk about that coming up. baltimore county community is mourning the loss of a young wife this morning. a freshman at towsend high school passed away after he was found unresponsive at the meadowbrook aquatic center sunday. we have that story. >> lewis lowenthal was a middle
9:33 am
school student. he was just starting his career at the north baltimore aquatic club. the entire community is still reeling from his sudden death. >> i mean, we're just all really devastated. really too close to home. my daughter, she's friends with his younger sister. >> friends of the family and members of the community are shocked by the news of the 14-year-old's death. emergency responders were called to meadow brook pool sunday to find lewis in cardiac arrest, a life guard was performing cpr. they rushed into sinai hospital on advanced life support, but friends say they got word several days later that he passed away at the hospital. >> i was really upset because i'm good friends with his sister. and i knew it was going to be really hard for her and her parents and if something
9:34 am
happened to my brother like that, i wouldn't know what to do or anything. >> by all accounts, lewis was a good student, a rising star at the north baltimore aquatic club and had the personality to match. even his middle school crossing guard said he stood out from the crowd. >> he was always very polite. he always said hello, have a good weekend. he gave me a christmas present. he was just always happy. >> details whabt exactly happened to lewis aren't available, but this is one incident and one teenager this community will never forget. >> i know he was very very gifted academically and also as a swimmer. just really, no words, you know? >> an attorney for the north baltimore aquatic club said they send their thoughts and prayers to the family but had no further comment because the family has asked for privacy. >> 9:34 and 44 degrees on tv
9:35 am
hill. what does it take to make the best soup? the winner of the seafood festival will show us. >> it's starting to smell really good in here, too. cholesterol, it's hard to know how much is too much. we'll be talking to a doctor about what's best for you. that's next.
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no big changes in the weather from the past couple of days. we'll probably see a little more sun today. we do have some clouds out there this morning but they're not making precipitation. that's all happening up to our north. the lake effect flurries or little light snow showers seem to be increasing on the radar up in western new york state. higher el vagus in pennsylvania, few sprinkles around the
9:38 am
cleveland area. that northwest wind coming across those warm open waters of the great lakes generating some of that activity and helping some of the cloud cover here, too. the game plan today is to see fewer clouds or maybe i should put it, see more sun breaks. i don't think we'll shake the clouds completely today. we'll see a little blue here and there. let's look outside. we do see a cloud deck out there. a thin deck of what we call stratus. 44 at the airport. 58% the humidity. 30.01 the barometer. west wind at eight miles an hour. with the barometer higher, the storm, what's left of sandy, is influence on us is weakening somewhat, all right. so that's a good thing, finally. annapolis 45, 44 on the boardwalk, still 39 parkton. in the 20s out in far western maryland where they had some snow ton ground, some snow on the ground, all right.
9:39 am
here are the cloud streaks running across us right now. we're banking they'll run out of steam eventually. again, that's coming off the flow of what's left of sandy. that big hybridized storm heading over newfoundland. the circulation around that bringing the moisture in across the great lakes. plus, high pressure, winds coming off the high on the east side of the high. they're combining coming right down on top of us. that's old hat. that stuff's going away. high pressure comes in relaxes the breeze. another one that will follow it. more concern for the coming weeks. this weekend looks all right. little more sunshine today. 50 to 55 the high. breezy, too. northwest winds gusting as high as 0 20 miles an hour. tomorrow set your clock back one hour. get up at 2 a.m. and do it then have a party or something like
9:40 am
that when you gain the extra time. take a look at our insta weather future cast. storm one develops. moves off over the ocean. storm two, several miles, different solution as to how close the coast is with the storm. middle of the week. see something akin to a nor'easter. not as strong as sandy, but a wind and rain maker. that's what we're calling for wednesday and thursday. until that time dry. highs in the only 50s. we hear so much about cholesterol and the truth is, we need it to help build the body's cells, but too much can put you at risk for heart disease, so it's important to control it. one local doctor said you can lower it with a diet makeover. here's 11 news donna hamilton. >> for years, helena hicks struggled with high cholesterol, which eventually led to a blockage in her heart. >> it came down lower than it was, but it was still high.
9:41 am
i didn't realize i was in the danger zone. >> helena required bypass surgery. besides taking cholesterol medication, she's changed her diet. >> i learned to give up a lot of red meats. i learned to eat -- i love vegetables. that was good. i learn to fix vegetables 1,000 different ways. and it's made a difference. >> dr. monica agerwall said that's essential for managing your cholesterol and she believes the best diet is one that's rich in vegetables. >> that doesn't mean that i'm recommending everybody be a vegetarian, but i am recommending that most of our meals and most of our dietary intake come from plants. so what that does is, animal products, including dairy, do bring up your cholesterol. >> allison massey said one big mistake many of us make is eating too much meat. >> we're heavy on animal
9:42 am
products and a typical american diet. if we can cut back and eat meatless meals, it's going to save money and is great for your heart. >> if you eat a primary plant based diet, you'll find your cholesterol will go down, your inflammation will go down. you will lose your tummy. you'll have more energy because you won't have the fluctuations in your energy level. >> you don't realize how bad you feel or you've been feeling until you start feeling good. so it's a big change in the way you feel. you don't wake up with that tired, i need more sleep, dragged out feeling. you don't end the day feeling that way. >> donta hamilton, wbal tv 11 news. >> dr. gary kirkly joins us now with some more information. just what she said right there, i imagine that's true for so many people. you don't know how bad you're feeling until you start feeling good again. >> that's something i'm looking forward to as i exercise more and lose weight. i hear a lot of people say that. >> let's talk about cholesterol
9:43 am
for a second. lot of folks can go off their cholesterol medication altogether if they just make these changes in their diet. >> that's right. the high cholesterol associated with co morbidity are the diseases associated with syndrome x, diabetes, high blood pressure. if you can treat those, oftentimes by losing weight, you can lower your cholesterol naturally. >> making changes in your diet. getting away from the red meat. does that mean you can never eat red meat? >> no. i very much appreciate what the doctor had said. i think we all need to go easy on the red meat and eat more vegetables. i think that's even part of the first lady's plans for children, etc. but you still have to live a little bit. you can occasionally have the red meat. >> all right. the egg situation. so many people have switched to eat beaters or egg whites because they heard eggs were bad for them because of high cholesterol. what's the lowdown?
9:44 am
what's the final word? >> the latest word is that an egg a day is reasonable and is not going to do you harm but egg whites, which are still about three times more expensive than eggs themselves, can actually help improve your cholesterol if you go that route. >> changes in your diet. okay, thank you very much. if you have any questions or you'd like a referral, just call -- a midair miracle becomes a class action suit in flight. we review the latest denzel washington movie. but first here are last night's winning lottery numbers.
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hey! hey, baby. [ starts car ] were you eating smoked sausage in here? no! no. could have gotten me one. i did. try the unmistakable flavor of dunkin' donuts' smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. it's deliciously irresistible. hurry in today. the smoked sausage breakfast sandwich is only at dunkin' donuts for a limited time. grab one today.
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becomes a weapon. i'm just confused by all of that. >> those are some of the movies in theaters this weekend.
9:48 am
we have a review of the new den seechl el movie. >> "the flight." he is back, baby. look. he's always been a great actor. we know he's an american treasure. he doesn't always pick films that stretch him as an actor. i thought "the flight" was going to be one of those films because it's about a pilot and crash. i thought, oh, another action film. this is so much more complex to that. almost to a fault. denzel is brilliant. he plays a pilot. he's divorced. he's an alcoholic and a partier, drug user. and he often goes to work -- >> not my denzel. >> exactly. so he goes to work often hungover or perhaps a little hair of the dog. except work he's a pilot, okay. you don't want to know this. but his crew, they accept this about him because he's a great pilot. he's got charisma, talent, swag, and he can do his thing. but what happens when there's a
9:49 am
catastrophic maintenance failure and there's a crash landing. okay. and then there are six people who die as a result of this. although many, many more survive as a result of his heroics. but what's gonna happen twhen investigation discovers that he was druveng when he landed this plane? that is basically what it's about. i must say there's so many great things happening in this film and some not so great things. the plane crash itself is absolutely riveting one of the best plane crash scenes i have ever seen in a movie. this is robert zemekis who directed it. he did cast away. remember with tom havengs? another film with a great great plane crash in it. there's all denzel's performance as a man coming to grips with his alcoholism. he's great. that mellow dramatic part of the film i wasn't as interested in. then the procedure of like, is he gonna get off? is he going to jail. there's all a romance with a young woman who's a drug addict herself. so there's all these different
9:50 am
elements. the film -- >> i'm exhaust sglpd the film almost gave me whiplash. but when it works, it works brilliantly. john goodman has a funny turn as his best friend/drug supplier. every time goodman comes into the film, he injects it with lots of energy and humor. it's all over the map. it's action, it's humor, mystery, romance, recovery. the times that it drags are the times dealing with his recovery. that's when you get to see denzel's acting chops. for the plane crash alone it's worth seeing. for denzel's performance, three big sftars for "the flight." >> i'm exhausted. you can read all of the reviews at baltimore voted the best classic maryland soup in town. we're gonna share the recipe with you when we come back. plus john has another look at the weekend forecast. stay with us.
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welcome back. 45th annual maryland seafood festival was in september. they awarded best crab soup prize to the team from charles town community in tatensville. good morning. >> good morning. >> thank you for coming in. this is quite an honor. you're competing against 22 other teams. >> 22 teams from maryland. there are three different categories. you entered the best crab soup category. so you must have quite a secret. >> we do. fresh ingredients and lots of crab. >> this is a recipe that's over 100 years old that you're using?
9:54 am
>> it is. it started out as a 100-year-old recipe. as a team, we got together and worked to make it charles town's own award winning crab soup. >> all right. let's get started. you have a lot of ingredients here. >> we do. starting in the pan we have some cooking off. that's one of the secrets. in the bacon. >> it's a good base. >> it's already rendered out. then we're going to add some onions and garlic. >> nice. >> fresh garlic. >> fresh squeezed garlic. nicely choped so that it goes all around. >> we'll cook that off. and we're going to add some carrots and celery. >> we are definitely putting this recipe on our website.
9:55 am
>> a full garden in this pot here. >> what's next? >> next we're going to add some base. we have both a little bit of chicken base, or you could use bouillon cubes and a little bit of crab bouillon. >> almost looks like pumpkin. >> it is. >> i am told this is already up on our website. wbal what el do we have here? we have cabbage leafs. >> we're going to add the water. >> you put the full pitcher in? >> we are. >> nice. >> we want to have a nice big pot. it's cold out there today. we want to make sure we have plenty. >> this is the perfect day for crab soup. let's put our cabbage in, too. >> cabbage. >> we have potatoes. is that what that is? little red potatoes. >> little red dice p potatoes. we have lots of vegetables. lima beans and corn. first we're going to add tomato
9:56 am
puree. would you help me out there? >> that's excellent. oh, it smells so good. >> and then the garden comes into play. corn and lima beans. green beans. >> and just in case, do we have a finished product? >> we do. >> we'll show that in just a minute. you're using two types of crab meat. >> we have both lump and jumbo lump. >> nice. >> and in addition to that, we put in whole crabs. >> just to give it that taste. >> just to give it that extra taste. >> these are turnips. >> turnips in there, too. >> fresh parsley. >> i'm afraid we're going to overflow here. >> we are not going to do that. we will open the pot 'cause we have a beautiful pot all ready to go. >> let's take a look at that. >> how long do you want this to
9:57 am
cook for? all day long? >> you want to cook it for a good hour. >> just an hour? that's it? that's all you need. >> what we like to do, we like to cook it a way in advance to let those flavors meld together. >> that looks gorgeous. >> ready to go. >> we can top it off with some fresh parsley. thank you. >> this is perfect for this weekend. for today or for the football game tomorrow. this is awesome. congratulations on winning. appreciate you coming in. what a great great recipe. >> whchilly weather, some sun today. in the middle of the week another storm comes up the coast. rainy and windy and rather chilly. >> thank you very much. have a great day.
9:58 am
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